DevOps is much more than just a work in agile software development. DevOps Engineers are experts whose areas of expertise include software development, infrastructure, and operations. As an all-rounder, DevOps experts are essential as a central link in agile software projects.

Only with an optimal DevOps toolchain can an effective development process be guaranteed. The benefits of DevOps tools and processes are:

  1. Automation of configuration management and provisioning
  2. Uniform development environment for the entire team and thus faster error reproducibility
  3. An automated rollout of new developer images
  4. Relieving the developer through preconfigured runtime environments
  5. We have also successfully helped launch a DevOps toolchain with many customers.

Outsourcing DevOps operation:

We take responsibility for the operation of your DevOps process and ensure that the development environment is up-to-date and running 24/7.

Training and Coaching on DevOps

Enable your operations team to run their own DevOps process. We provide the necessary runbook structure for your team to handle all DevOps Operations.

Amazon Web Services AWS - DevOps Consultant Professional Services

Want to get more out of your Amazon Web Services?

NDM can help. Gain visibility across your AWS accounts to help allocate and forecast costs, manage Reserved Instances, Build DevOps Processes and more.

With Intelligent, we provide consolidated billing services, custom billing reports, and powerful tools to ensure you are optimizing your cloud spend.

We can handle any ETL process for your company using AWS tools.

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